Thursday, July 10, 2008

Libel tourism

That's the new term for shopping around for the best place to sue for libel. Saudi billionaire Khalid Bin Mahfouz sued author Rachel Ehrenfeld for alleging in her book, Funding Evil, links between his money and terrorist activities. The book was written and published in the United States; Mahfouz sued in the UK based on 23 copies of the book that were special-ordered there. The judge ruled in his favor, but Ehrenfeld has countersued in U.S. court. Jihad Watch is carrying a video by the Moving Picture Institute that describes what's going on.

As reported earlier, the U.S. Congress is now considering legislation, similar to a law just enacted in New York State, to counter such foreign lawsuits. Contact your representatives to urge them to pass the law as soon as possible!

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