Tuesday, July 1, 2008

An attack on Iran?

A recent editorial in the Investors Business Daily makes a strong case for an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities sometime soon. The reasons why? Well, the military exercises Israel just conducted, demonstrating its ability to operate at a range of 900 miles from home; a visit by the U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to his Israeli counterparts in which Iran's nuclear program was "a major topic"; and the Iranian threat to unleash an all-out war should Iran be attacked. Then there's the assessment (thanks to MEMRI) by IAEA director-general ElBaradei that Iran can produce enough enriched uranium for one nuclear bomb in 6-12 months. With Obama waffling on how to deal with Iran, the Israelis may decide that their best bet is to move on Bush's watch.

Nor are the Israelis the only ones with reason to be uncomfortable with Obama's views on Iran. As commentator and journalist Amir Taheri notes: "By ignoring the European Union and the United Nations, Obama would encourage the Khomeinist leadership's most radical factions. French President Nicholas Sarkozy worries an Obama administration might 'give the mullahs what they want.'"

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