Saturday, April 25, 2009

Woodbury Tea Party

This is a truth-in-advertising message. I do indeed support the Tea Party movement - and in fact participated today's party in Woodbury, Connecticut. It was locally organized, with no outside funding. The crowd was probably a couple hundred strong, a good size considering that Woodbury is a small town with a lot of competing events. Also a good mix of ages: kids, people with young children, through senior citizens.

A number of participants confessed that, like me, they normally would never consider attending a political event. They came because they are worried, very worried. And angry. It's not just the federal government, although the Dump Dodd movement is clearly alive and well. The Connecticut state government is also in a parlous cycle of tax, spend, and drive private business out of the state.

The crowd primarily opposed incumbents, regardless of party affiliation. Absent major reform, the Republicans will have a hard time exploiting this grassroots momentum.

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