Friday, April 10, 2009

Obama, the United States and the world

This editorial by Charles Krauthammer 'bout sums up the president's recent trip to Europe. Obama, he says, has assumed the role of a "philosopher-king who hovers above the fray mediating between his renegade homeland and an otherwise warm and welcoming world."

Obama offered nuclear disarmament and got a North Korean missile launch, carried out by the North Koreans without even a slap on the wrist from the 'international community' that Obama apparently thinks can run world affairs. (Simultaneously, Obama further dismantled U.S. missile defenses - does this make sense to anyone?)

The Europeans soaked up his criticisms of the United States but offered little in return, whether on troops for Afghanistan or help in taking detainees from Guantanamo. France will take one; Austria none, and this after the dismantling of Guantanamo was Europe's rallying cry for years.

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