Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Joining the UN Human Rights Council

The Obama administration has decided to compete for election to the UN's Human Rights Council. The United States will most likely win; we will then be well-positioned to legitimize the efforts of countries like Libya, China and Iran to attack Israel while covering up their own human rights abuses.

You can also expect the administration to claim victory at the Council: we will for sure cite occasions when we have succeeded in changing the wording of a resolution, or perhaps even keeping one or two anti-Israel resolutions off the table. It is highly unlikely, though, that we will ever be able to point to a case in which we actually protected human rights.

If we don't kick up too much dust, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the EU members of the panel will be happy - after all, we'll be providing them cover and respectability. And we will imagine we are currying favor with the Organization of the Islamic Conference; we'll overlook the OIC's tendency to pocket any concession while demanding more.

Gee, what an outstanding use of my taxpayer dollars!

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