Saturday, August 23, 2008

Danes to the rescue

The Jewel of Medina is a fictionalized account by Sherry Jones of the life of Mohammed's favorite wife, child-bride Aisha. Last month, Random House dropped it just days before publication after American academic Denise Spellman raised a storm with an email saying the book would offend Muslims and provoke violence. (Spellman had been sent the manuscript in hopes that she would write a favorable blurb for the cover.)

Serbian publisher Beobuk, who was also bringing out The Jewel of Medina, quickly withdrew it after receiving a threatening letter from the mufti of the Islamic Community in Serbia. (See here.). Italian, Spanish, and Hungarian publishers have purchased rights as well; no news so far as to what they will do.

Danish publishers association Trykkeselskabet, however, has announced that it will publish the book. See details here, thanks to Libby, who's been tracking this story for some time. According to Trykkeselskabet spokeswoman Helle Merete Brix, herself a prominent critic of Islamism, 'fear or threats should not keep a book from being published.' We need to clone her.

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