Friday, August 22, 2008

Fighting back

The President of the University of Southern California has forced the USC chapter of the Muslim Student Association to remove from its website a hadith (sacred teaching) that calls on Muslims to kill Jews as a way to achieve redemption.

As Reut Cohen says in his FrontPageMagazine article, "this is the first time that an American university has acknowledged that the Muslim Student Association's agenda involves the promotion of ethnic hatred." It's a refreshing change from the usual dynamic, in which anyone who criticizes Islamist hate creeds is accused of being 'Islamophobic.'

A similar incident occurred in Frankfort, in the Chicago area. Township assessor Paul Ruff circulated an email to his friends, apparently quoting (inaccurately) recent statements by the Australian prime minister to the effect that people coming to Australia or the United States should adapt. Ruff met with predictable outrage from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the local mosque and was accused of spreading a 'hate' message. He then called a news conference at which he refused to apologize. Instead, he defended his position by saying that Islam 'institutionalizes discrimination against women and non-Muslims'. Read more at Dhimmi Watch.

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