Friday, January 22, 2010

You choose

Here, thanks to Daily Alert and MEMRI, are two very different perspectives about how Muslims should treat Jews.

-- An Egyptian cleric, in a TV sermon on January 29, called on his flock to destroy the Jews: "The Jews are our enemies. Allah will annihilate them at our hands. This is something we know for certain."

-- Syria's chief religious leader, or mufti, called on Muslims to protect Judaism. At least, that is what he reportedly told a visiting delegation of American academics. Jews had once lived in Syria peacefully and were treated fairly, he explained; his grandfather had a Jewish partner.

So which one is more representative? Actually, I think both are; the mufti is saying what people typically say to gullible Westerners; the Egyptian is speaking directly to his flock. However, if peace breaks out tomorrow between Israel and Syria, I'm perfectly happy to be wrong on this one.

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