Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fort Hood terrorist

It is a relief to have an administration official admit that the Fort Hood shooting was an act of terrorism; it is also refreshing to hear the military admit that somehow Major Hasan shouldn't have been promoted and allowed to pursue a jihadist path. Jihad Watch is very skeptical that the military really will address the problem; I am less so.

First, the military, once it understands it has a problem, moves more quickly to fix it than do other bureaucracies (like the State Department). The brass may still be in denial, but I cannot believe that the average officer or soldier doesn't understand that something has to change. Second, I saw Defense Secretary Bob Gates' face and demeanor at the press conference discussing it. He's mad - and he's not just going to forget it. And he's the boss.

Gates has a long and distinguished public service record and can work for either party. I take his reaction seriously because he is likely to mean what he says and to follow through on it.

So, enjoy this rare ray of optimism in my otherwise downbeat blog!

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