Sunday, January 31, 2010

Israeli doctors in Haiti

Here's a link to the blog of Yael Bar-Tur, an Israeli living in Los Angeles who joined her military unit in Haiti, containing first-person anecdotes about her experiences with the Israeli field hospital.

Among other things, she notes how quickly Arab and European media moved to deny Israel's contribution. As she describes it:

"Every night in Haiti I would go on youtube, click "Israel Haiti" and follow the stories of the reporters who came to visit the hospital. As time went by, these two words brought up horrible and saddening videos, mostly accusing Israel of organ harvesting, trying to steal Haitian children, exploiting Haiti for PR and so on...These where not just coming from your average left wing or right wing psychos, but from respectable papers in Arab countries and Europe."

I used to believe such stories were simply the kind hateful stuff you always find at the political margins of society. But it's going mainstream now. (Thanks to Rachel.)

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