Monday, July 13, 2009

So what is our policy?

President Obama, as everyone knows, has made better relations with the Muslim world a priority. Two critics track the downsides and inconsistencies in his new approach:

-- Anne Bayefsky of Eye on the UN compares the speeches Obama gave in Cairo and Ghana, noting that Obama cheerfully puts the blame for developing country misfortunates squarely on such things as governmental corruption, incompetence and repression - as long as it's not a Muslim country.

-- Journalist Khalid Abu Toahmeh notes that, while the Obama administration zeroes in on Israeli settlements in the West Bank, Hamas is rapidly turning Gaza into an Islamist state: women attacked for laughing in public or for entering a cafe unescorted by a male relative; males and females separated in public, etc.

Let's hope that something like the recent dust-up in Honduras arises to challenge this new U.S. policy toward Muslims. Something that reveals the illogic and contradictions and forces modifications before we do something really awful.

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