Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Obama, Iran and human rights

Here, summed up by Eye on the UN's Anne Bayefsky, is President Obama's policy toward Iran in the wake of the Iranian protests and their bloody suppression: negotiations to persuade Iran to abandon its nuclear weapons, probably after Israel is forced to make key concessions. In other words, exactly the policy he was pursuing before the Iranian elections on June 12.

Apparently, Obama views President Ahmedinejad's legitimacy as in no way damaged by the fact that he just rigged an election and beat up, arrested or killed thousands of people who dared to protest.

As we celebrate our freedom on July 4, we're busy sending the message either that (1) freedom and democracy don't really count, or (2) they only count for us. Now we get to wait a 'decent interval' before Obama throws up his hands and admits that diplomacy has failed to get Ahmedinejad to renounce his pursuit of nuclear weapons and annihilation of Israel. So we'll fail not only vis-a-vis our values but our strategic goal.

Thank you, President Obama!

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