Monday, February 2, 2009

Obama and the OIC

As a companion move to his Al-Arabiya interview, President Obama has sent a letter to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), apparently saying that he has full confidence the United States can work together with the OIC. (Thanks to Jihad Watch.) A few points:

-- The text of the letter has not been released. Why not? What exactly did Obama say?

-- Are we going to cooperate on human rights? The OIC in 1990 issued its version of human rights law, the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam. The Declaration specifies that all rights must be consistent with sharia law. Are we going to accept that caveat?

-- The OIC is leading the charge at the UN against free speech (see Article 22(a) of the Cairo Declaration) and the state of Israel. Are we going to work together with it on these issues? Hint: the OIC wants to impose Islamic blasphemy law worldwide.

I'd love answers to these questions, but doubt I'll get them either from the White House, from Amb. Susan Rice at the UN, or from Hillary Clinton (don't forget, the OIC was established by the Saudis, major contributors to Bill Clinton's foundation).

Sorry to be so glum after a great Superbowl game!

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