Friday, March 19, 2010

Unpleasant surprises on Mideast trips

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden hasn't been the only VIP to meet with an unpleasant surprise during a Mideast trip. He was outraged by an Israeli announcement regarding housing construction in Jerusalem which has led to a serious crisis in U.S.-Israeli relations.

Destruction rather than construction was the problem for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and top EU diplomat Lady Catherine Ashton. They were in Gaza when a rocket launched from there killed a Filipino worker in Israel. However, since Hamas said it hadn't launched the rocket, the two were free to condemn the attack without having to actually name a perpetrator.

Nor for that matter, do they appear to have acknowledged Hamas' recent contribution to peaceful dialogue: in a TV interview last month, a Hamas official called Jews bacteria who need to be exterminated. It's nice to know the UN and EU have high standards, and that we're doing our best to match them! (Thanks to MEMRI and Daily Alert.)

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