Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Analyzing U.S. foreign policy

Commentator Robert Kagan offers Israel the cold comfort that many of America's allies feel neglected or bruised by the Obama administration. His observation, which I think is spot-on, is that any administration only has so much time and attention to spend on foreign policy issues. Obama's initiatives toward Iran, China, Russia and other such countries have crowded out traditional friends and allies.

Kagan summarizes the new approach: "This administration pays lip-service to 'multilateralism,' but it is a multilateralism of accommodating autocratic rivals, not of solidifying relations with longtime democratic allies ... the administration's posture is increasingly one of neutrality, at best, between allies and adversaries, and between democrats and autocrats."

I have no doubt that this is absolutely the wrong approach and that it will do significant harm to American interests. What I don't know is at what point that conclusion may dawn on Obama and his administration.

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