Thursday, December 10, 2009

Iranian dissent increases

Amir Taheri reports that the dissidents in Iran are becoming more outspoken, despite the hundreds killed and thousands arrested. The demonstrators turn out on the same holidays that the regime traditionally uses for its 'Death to America' rallies. The demonstrators shout 'Death to the dictators' instead; Taheri recounts that they have added calls for an 'Iranian republic' instead of the current 'Islamic republic'.

Where will this all end? Sounds to me like a truly revolutionary situation. Unfortunately, the Iranian regime has been putting ever more power into the hands of the Revolutionary Guards. The pressure inside Iran must be tremendous, and the outcome is very uncertain.

Wouldn't it be nice, though, if President Obama expressed his support for the dissidents? Since he's already been accused (falsely) of doing so, he really doesn't have that much to lose. He doesn't have to do anything heroic - just reversing the State Department's recent decision to defund an Iranian human rights NGO would be a good start.

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