Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The beauties of lawfare

Here's a little mind game for all of you, my faithful readers: Former Israeli foreign minister Tsipi Livni just cancelled a trip to the UK, her office said because of schedule conflicts, other sources because of a warrant for her arrest for war crimes during the recent Gaza conflict. And, indeed, there was such a warrant, although it has since been dismissed.

Now here's an item from Palestinian TV, courtesy of MEMRI, in which a PA union official charges that Hamas leaders "used these martyrs [civilians] as sandbags, while they hid in tunnels. They would place a missile, cover it with a tent, amid buildings with 200 children and old people, and they would launch the missile and hide."

Can you, in the wildest flight of fancy, imagine a UK court issuing a warrant for the arrest of Hamas leaders? I didn't think so. Welcome to Eurabia! (Thanks to Daily Alert.)

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