Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Good news from Canada

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal just ruled that a clause granting the Canadian Human Rights Commission the legal grounds to pursue such people as Mark Steyn for indulging in 'hate speech' is unconstitutional. This is great news - hate speech restrictions may be well-intentioned, but they end up restricting free speech.

As for Mark Steyn, he remarks that similar challenges to free speech lie in wait in the United States, in the form of Obama administration proposals to reimpose Fairness Doctrine restrictions and otherwise muzzle its political opponents.

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Realtor in Toronto said...

Agree. In spite of the fact that I do support non-hate, it might sometimes restrict freedom of speech, which has my support too. It would be absolutely ideal if both of these could work well at the same time. But they never will.

Regards, Elli.