Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rotterdam fires Ramadan

Two years ago, the Dutch city of Rotterdam hired Tariq Ramadan, a controversial so-called 'moderate' Muslim, to advise it on relations with the city's Muslim minority. Now it wants to fire him. The reason is not that he has made alleged misogynistic or homophobic remarks; that charge caused a flap a year ago, but he rode it out. Nor is it that he couldn't bring himself to say that adulteresses shouldn't be stoned to death; he made that statement before he got the job in Rotterdam. Rather, it is that he hosts a weekly talk show on an Iranian, government-controlled TV channel.

Ramadan's defense is characteristic of him: "The present controversy says far more about the alarming state of politics in the Netherlands than about my person." (Thanks to Jihad Watch.)

The Rotterdam city government is also funding Ramadan's appointment at Erasmus University, where he is a visiting professor of 'Citizenship and Identity'. I wonder what will happen to that arrangement.

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