Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NPR and the Muslim Brotherhood

Here, thanks to the vigilance of Joe, is a video in which two journalists pose as members of the Muslim Brotherhood and offer funding to two NPR executives.

At just over 11 minutes, the video is a bit long, but watch it until the end.

Then you can reflect over whether taxpayers' money should go to NPR. If you agree that tea partiers are gun-toting racists, that Zionists control the media, and that calling NPR National Palestinian Radio accurately reflects its reporting (all ideas apparently shared by the NPR execs), then this is the organization for you.

As Libby said, the congressional hearings should be fun.


Anonymous said...

Well, it shows what the VP for development thinks. He was much too trusting, didn't check out these "donors". He was giving his own opinion, but I do think NPR is the National Palestinian Radio; I have complained bitterly to NPR about its anti-Israel slant. He joined Williams in the dustbin. I heard that Jews DON'T control the media and don't try to, that they only want fair treatment. what's wrong with that? About the money: I think his point was that people fume about taxpayer's money, and it isn't so much money and they could make it up in donations because they would be freer.....to attack tea partiers? Anyway, he is a jerk and got himself fired.Sydney Herbert

Leslie Lebl said...

He certainly was a jerk - but what about the woman? She was nodding her head and chiming in; at no point did she take issue with any of her points. Let's see if NPR does anything.