Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Remember the movie about Iran and its nuclear weapons program that the Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore required be shown by the Canadian National Archives after the Iranian government tried to block it?

Well, for a limited time you can watch it here.


Sara M. Barnacle said...

We watched this sobering film today. Was there any mention of the thousands and thousands of Muslims who live in the US, and who would be annihilated along with the great Satan? That is a segment of society that needs to see this film. The evil power is built on a web of hypnotic suggestions, chiefly their belief about martyrdom. Breaking that is probably more important and effective than escalated sanctions. Thanks for pointing out this film.

Leslie Lebl said...

I agree that it would be most useful for US Muslims to understand that the Iranian regime is perfectly willing to kill them along with the rest of the US population. I also agree that attacking the ideology of the regime is critical, I think more critical than sanctions, which are a dubious tool at best.