Sunday, December 5, 2010

Islamophobia, Shislamophobia

David Russin of Islamist Watch reports here on the latest statistics for hate crimes in the United States. The numbers refute all those claims that attacks on Muslims will surely increase if people criticize various aspects of Islam. Some startling facts for 2009, courtesy of the FBI:
  • Incidents of hate crime driven by anti-Jewish bias (931) were 8.7 times as numerous as those driven by anti-Islamic bias.
  • Incidents of anti-Islamic hate crime were dwarfed not only by anti-black incidents (2,284), but also by anti-white incidents (545).
  • There were nearly as many anti-Christian hate crimes (89 anti-Catholic and anti-Protestant incidents) as anti-Islamic hate crimes.
  • There were more hate crimes motivated by bias against "other religion" (109 incidents) than by bias against Islam.
  • People were killed ("murder and nonnegligent manslaughter") for being black, white, Native American, Hispanic, and gay, but nobody was killed for being Muslim.

Especially when you remember that 2009 saw several attacks and attempted attacks by radical Muslims on innocent civilians, this is an astonishing record.

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