Friday, October 1, 2010

A must read

Here, thanks to Barry Rubin, is the text of a sermon delivered by Rabbi Lewis of Atlanta, Georgia, earlier this month on Rosh Hashanah. Lewis argues that radical Islam is the evil of our time and must be recognized as such. We need to fight it, not pander to it and seek to placate its adherents. Lewis sees today's challenge as equal to that posed by the Nazis, and I agree with him.

Rubin says that this sermon has gone viral on the internet because it reflects the fears and concerns of many in the Jewish community. I would add that many non-Jews are equally worried, and with good cause.

If our political elite won't lead the way, and if our media insist on twisting and distorting the facts, we'll have to work around them. We must find other leaders - individuals who, like Lewis, can no longer remain silent. We are at war, and we need to act accordingly.

And by the way, in Troublesome Young Men, Lynne Olson shows that the situation in Britain prior to World War II wasn't all that different from what we face today. Appeasement and disarmament were politically correct, and resistance to the Nazis truly hung by a thread. Nevertheless, the British public perceived the threat and supported those leaders who faced it. We can do the same.

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