Thursday, July 1, 2010

Celebrating the Holocaust?

Denying the Holocaust, a pasttime of people like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinjad, is soooo yesterday. The latest, Clemens Heni reports, is celebrating it, as well as Nazism itself.

As he reports: "In Riga, capital of Latvia, Nazis will hold a remembrance march on July 1, 2010, to commemorate the German invasion of that city and country at that day in 1941."

And last May on Facebook, "dozens, hundreds, and thousands of German-Turkish citizens wrote on Facebook probably the most aggressive and pro-Nazi statements ever since 1945. They wrote 'Hitler don’t worry, we’ll take the rest of the Jews', 'Jews to the gas', 'I would like to kill Jews' etc."

Just think: Germany, Latvia and Turkey are all NATO members; Germany and Latvia also belong to the EU. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

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