Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Israel's real mistake

Clemens has posted an excellent article identifying the real Israeli blunder in the recent incident on the high seas. Joel Fishman, of Jerusalem, argues that the Israeli navy was right to maintain the blockade of Gaza, despite the costs, but very wrong to misread the presence of on the boats of the Turkish IHH humanitarian relief.

IHH in the past has been linked to terrorism, anti-Western incitement, and weapons transport; as he says: "To assume that these people were genuine 'peace activists' represents a serious intelligence failure." In case you're wondering whether he's exaggerating, the people on the boat saw themselves as conducting jihad.

Why, precisely, the U.S. Security Council representative saw fit to regret their deaths when we launch drone attacks against jihadists is one of life's mysteries.

Also, if you're wondering about conditions in Gaza, take a look at these pictures (sent me by Rachel). The only humanitarian crisis exists in the minds of foreign 'useful idiots' being exploited by Hamas.

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