Sunday, April 11, 2010

Putting things in context

As you listen to news reports about how the United States is working multilaterally to impose sanctions on Iran (although the sanctions must be absolutely toothless to win the support of Russia and China), here's an article by Barry Rubin that explains the danger a nuclear Iran will pose to its neighbors. And, no, this danger will not be averted by providing Israel missile defense systems.

Rubin's prognosis: "Iran's bomb will change the strategic balance, inspire revolutionary Islamist movements, lead Arab and Western states toward appeasement, and thus shift power in the region decisively toward Tehran."

In my opinion, the big non-proliferation summit in Washington this week is completely beside the point. We have a president who believes that the United States should play a more modest role in world politics. Looks like that's about to happen - and it won't be pretty.

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