Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dubai assassination

I've been waiting, for weeks now, for some analysis that makes sense about the January 20 assassination of senior Hamas operative Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. Since that doesn't seem to be forthcoming, here are my outstanding questions:

-- Why would anyone want to send in 26 people to kill one guy in his hotel room? The Dubai authorities have released a graph, which you can see here, of all the people they think are involved.

-- The Dubai authorities are 99% sure that the Israeli Mossad mounted the operation. But I cannot believe that Mossad would engage in such shoddy work as forging European passports with the wrong number of numerals or letters. I also find it difficult to believe that Mossad wouldn't have known about all the hotel cameras, etc. After all, I watch crime shows on TV and I know all about them!

-- What about the two suspects who fled to Iran? Not the usual safe haven for Israelis and the people who cooperate with them.

-- A friend of mine has also wondered if the assassination actually occurred, since the usual reaction to such a death has not occurred.

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