Saturday, June 20, 2009

Who are those guys?

Jihad Watch has now posted two reports of Arab thugs beating up Iranian protesters.

The first, linked to a report in The Jerusalem Post, alleged that members of Hamas were beating up street protesters.

The second charged Arabic-speaking toughs may be among those responible for the murders of eight protesters.

If the Basij militia and the other police, military and paramilitary forces supporting the Iranian regime are so numerous and so powerful, how come they need to turn to outsiders for help?

And why would anyone do so and not think it would backfire? In the first report, the brother of one of the beaten-up protesters commented that it was ironic that the victorious Ahmadinejad "tells us to pray for the young Palestinians, suffering at the hands of Israel." His hope, he added, was that Israel would "come to its senses" and ruthlessly deal with the Palestinians....

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