Friday, May 15, 2009

What goes around comes around

I have to admit to a furtive chuckle at the expense of the CIA (in between belly laughts at Nancy Pelosi’s various evasive maneuvers regarding what she knew about waterboarding).

Isn’t this the same CIA that, in 2004, approved the publication by one of its analysts of an anti-Bush book clearly aimed at damaging Bush’s re-election prospects? Or that leaked all kinds of versions about what we did, or didn’t, know about Saddam’s alleged weapons of mass destruction?

Well, guess what: now a senior politician has reversed the tables and is playing politics with the CIA – except that she’s a Democrat, not a Republican. We hear news reports about demoralized CIA officers. If Pelosi were Republican, we’d probably be hearing about how she’s committing treason, destroying the country, or … you fill in the blank.

I’m quite confident that the CIA is telling the truth regarding the famous briefings. Pelosi knew about the waterboarding and approved it at the time. But I would have more sympathy for the CIA’s protestations of innocence if it hadn’t played politics so overtly under the previous administration.

Nor do I feel too sorry for the CIA as I watch it gear up its leak campaign against Pelosi. We’ve all seen it before.


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